Reflecting: Academic writing V. Journalism

The experience of blogging has allowed me to completely rework the method and style of how I write. As an English major, most of my writing is full of fluff and explication to the millionth degree. Journalism style, like blogging, is much more concise and direct. I have done so much editing to narrow my writing to just the most necessary details. This was difficult at times but taught me so much about a message and its intent. Extra language can distract from the overall message and reduce the intent of the writing. I am thankful for both experiences, as an English student and a journalism student, because the styles are so completely different. It could be challenging at times to switch gears but this experience has altered how I approach writing as well as how I consume news. Now I find myself reading news stories and thinking, “wow, they could have sharpened that lead,” or “ugh, why use a passive verb.” Blogging has helped me hone in on my journalism skills and APA style. I really enjoyed the experience and I look forward to continuing to create thoughtful posts.

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